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I'm old
I'm 21!
Thats old!
Got insurance on dads car (I've become the taxi service on a saterday night. Oh the joys of not drinking!)
A portible DVD player
A Savage i-River MP-3 player from Dec which got broken the same day
and a calf
yes a calf
you may laugh now but I'll be laughing in 2 years time when I have the cash from it.
had a bit of a house party that night which turned out to be quite good (if for no other reason than to see Marthas face after we played keelen-X for her!

Christmas was good MMMMMMM Christmas diner

the 28th saw my proper party in the hallowed halls of Dorans.

The mafia strated things off with a rocking set

Image hosted by

then the highlight! For on night only the reunion tour of surface tension!
Image hosted by

with a joint performance of that clasic - SEX BUS!

Image hosted by
afterwars William walker did a DJ set
there was a great crowd even if half of them were gate crashers. Thanks to everyone that came

then the Aft erparty in The Macra hall then I drove people home and Big Al was twisted

me - "al! get in the car!

AL - "I am The car!"

then stuff about pulling in at narnia.
was very very funny

New years also rocked because those gods of rock theCunning stunts were playing

ok shorter than I would have liked but I guys have an Idea now
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