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update on life

So since I last posted a long long time ago I have:
Graduated with a B Sc in Physics
Won a national debating Competition
bough my first car (van)
got a "real" job woeking in a lab
passed my driving test

Does this mean I'm *gasp* Grown up?
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I realize this is a year after you posted a message on my journal. I've been posting on again once in awhile, under the name of "Husker" of course. Maybe I'll see you there if you happen to check this in a year or so.

Congratulations on all the things you've completed. I've graduated, got married, and moved to a large city in Florida. Crazy things happen when you're counting by years I guess.

This internet is wild business, meet people, write back every couple of years! Hah! See you around in another life, aye brother.