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  2008.01.24  21.04
update on life

So since I last posted a long long time ago I have:
Graduated with a B Sc in Physics
Won a national debating Competition
bough my first car (van)
got a "real" job woeking in a lab
passed my driving test

Does this mean I'm *gasp* Grown up?

Mood: tired

  2007.05.16  18.15
all ireland debaing champs baby!

oh yeah! seariously good buzz.

also going to a frisbee tournament in amsterdam at the end of june which will be wicked


  2006.12.13  13.47
an update on my life

Its beeen a long long time since i posted something here.
Failed 2 subjects in my repeats so have to repeat them for the year. going to college twice a week and working the farm at home the rest of the time.
went inter-railing through poland, cezch republic and slovakia in september and went to krackow again in october with macra.
Joined a rock covers band and came 3rd over all in a battle of the bands in garadice. we broke up
been single for the past year.
no major injurys
thats all i got for you guys
any questions just ask


  2006.05.16  18.21
exam watch '06 - semiconductor/vaccum tech

that was a bitch! ow! painfull. i hate material science so much!

Eamons prediction - scraped a pass


  2006.05.15  18.12
exam watch '06 - enviromental physics

yes! kicked that exams ass! boo-yeah!

eamons prediction 70%+

Mood: jubilant

  2006.05.15  11.05
exam watch '06

exams start today with enviromental physics. shoule be an easy one to start me off


  2006.04.05  12.27

Did an all nighter on monday to make a start on my report. ugg! I'm tired.

before that we had outdoor intervarsities this weekend. was running that as well as playing. was tiring.
we all played crap on saturday. though I got a lovely assist to mark against UCD.

sunday was better. we forfit against cork because not enough people turned up which was poor form. we won a game though which was great, beeting trinity 2 in a savage game.

we also got spirt which means a lot and two of my team mates gave me spirit votes but fag (deservitly) won.

heres the standings
1 TCD 1
2 UCD 1
3 DIT 1
6 Sligo IT
7 UCD 2
8 DIT 2
9 Trinity 2

This year the winners Trinity & runners-up UCD will both represent Ireland in the Nationals and Not the Nationals respectively which will be held on the 29th & 30th April in Cardiff.

Plate Winners

Spirit Winners

Best Dressed Costumes
This year the party theme on the Saturday night was Classic Cartoons. Each college were given 3/4 cartoons in which they could dress up with and the Committee choose 3 winners and these were:

Queen of Hearts UCC
The Madhatter UCC
Optimus Prime DIT - bronzer you leg end!

just out of my preentation. was ok but questions were crap


  2006.03.31  17.12
this is crap

tallaght pulled out. i really wanted declan to get to play his first tournament!


  2006.03.31  14.16
this weekend

Discs In Turmoil (thats DIT Ultimate frisbee club for those not in the know) are hosting the irish outdoor intervarsities ultimate tounament in grangegorman. we have put a load of work into this so it should be brillant.

declan is also playing in his first tournament so this should get him hooked

if anybody is in dublin this weekend come on down or come to the parties in the living room and mcturkles


  2006.03.24  15.04

finally saw walk the line last night. good film.

johnny cash was a bit of a dick though wasn't he?


  2006.03.06  16.56

was ment to start my project today but had failed to meet my supervisor. when I finally track him down I find out that the project requires java script which I have never used in my life.

track down gordon and find a new project. start tomorrow but its a lot of hastle


  2006.02.24  14.22

- Available: i guess so!

A - Age: 21

A - Annoyance: guys peeing with the toilet set down when clearly they cant aim

B - Best Friend? i really dont know at the moment

B - Bar:dorans or floods

B - Birthday? 22/12/84

C - Crush: one or two
C - Car: tyota carolla

C - Cat: two - nameless

D - Dead Pets Name: lassie,scabbie

D - Dads Name: eamon

D - Dog: dogless since this summer

E - Easiest person to talk to: c -money

E - Eggs: unfertilised

E - Email:bogman_bass@yahoo.co.uk

F - Favorite color: blue

f - Favourate food - indian

F - Foreign Slang: ya cute hoor

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms!

G - God: yes

G - Good Time: macra related

H - Hair Color:light brown/blond

H - Height: 5'10

H - Happy: pretty much

I - Ice Cream: phish food

I - Idol: pass

J - Jewelery: nope

J - Job: trowing kids into bog holes

J - Joke: cant think of one. I'm not funny anyways

K - Kids: one day. but yeah I'm down with the youth

K - karate: I dont know karate but I know crazy

K - kung fu: see above

L - Longest Car Ride: to trabolgin with big al and shane.

L - Longest Relationship: 3 and a half months
L - Love: not yet

M - Milk Flavor: normal unpasterised

M - Mothers Name: moyra

M - Movie Last Watched: good night and good luck

N - Number of Siblings: 1

N - Northern or Southern: north east

N - Name: Eamon

O - One Wish? pass college

O - One Phobia? hurting people

O - Otter Pop? thats what yer ma said!

P - Parents, are they married or divorced: married

P - Part of your appearance you like best: dunno

P - Part of your Personality you like best:im a good listener

Q - Quote: even if you win the race you're still a rat

Q - Question for the next person:can I offer you sex in exchange for........sex?

Q - Quick or Slow?: depends if I'm in a rush

R - Reason to smile: weekend

R - Reality TV Show: sucks

R - Right or Left: Right

S - Song Last Heard: moter breath - metalica

S - Season: summer

S - Sex: yes please

T - Time you woke up: 10
T - Time Now: 14.32

T - Time for bed: about 1

U - Unknown Fact about me:I have a hairy arse
U - Unicorns?: and goblins too! Nutbar!

U - U are: eamon. nice to meat you

V - Vegetable you hate:do mushroom count?

V - Vegetable you love: brussel sprouts

V - View on Politics: i like to call myself a practical socialist

W- Worst Habits: bite my nails

W- Where are you going to travel next? home

X - X-Rays: nope

X - X-Rated Porn: I would be lying if I said no

X - X-xtra special someone: not at the moment

Y - Year you were born: 1984

Y - Year it is now: 2006

Y - Yellow?:DIT Frisbee!! Yeah!

Z - Zoo Animal:Rhino
Z - Zodiac: capricorn

Z - Zoolander? was good


  2006.02.17  14.50
sligo here I come!

oh I do love frisbee!


  2006.02.15  18.51

saturday in batterstown was savage! wasn't expecting much but turned out to be great craic

as was the trip to bray, wish I brought my camera. I dominated bowling and then we climed that very steep, rocky, slippy hill. was fun


  2006.02.05  20.39
the champions return

We did it! 2 capers titles in 2 years!

Poland here we come!

We also got best act with the political christmas carrols, dad got best producer AND I won a bottle of wine in the raffle!

Kilcloon also got 3rd and best male preformer.

it was a great venue in the middle of dundalk with a brillent stage.

Mountmellick got second yet again which makes 5 years in a row!

Mood: accomplished

  2006.02.02  17.45

CURRY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2006.01.13  11.07
Exam watch 2005 - friday

Friday the 13th.

can mean only one thing
I failed.

today was materials

got up nice and early and got some good cramming in.

didnt help though.

horrible horrible paper


  2006.01.12  11.23
exam watch 2006 - thursday

I was so confident going into that exam but it turned out to be horrible.

prediction 44-54%


  2006.01.10  11.08
Exam watch 2006 tuesday

Intended to get up at 6.30

instead I woke at 9.03

not good. exam at half 9.

Heat and Thermo with Metrology.

Thank God for metrology thats all I'll say!

I was hopping to get over 60% in this one and get a merit 1 but I didn't get my 3 hours study time this morning to get it down and most of the stuff i did study regarding it didn't come up (I just wanted the bloody deisel cycle!)

The atomic clock did come up though so it wasnt so bad

emons prediction



  2006.01.09  11.36
exam watch 2006 - monday

day one - optics

looked terrible at first but kept at it and recon I scraped a pass

eamon prediction - 50%


  2006.01.05  15.38

I'm old
I'm 21!
Thats old!
Got insurance on dads car (I've become the taxi service on a saterday night. Oh the joys of not drinking!)
A portible DVD player
A Savage i-River MP-3 player from Dec which got broken the same day
and a calf
yes a calf
you may laugh now but I'll be laughing in 2 years time when I have the cash from it.
had a bit of a house party that night which turned out to be quite good (if for no other reason than to see Marthas face after we played keelen-X for her!

Christmas was good MMMMMMM Christmas diner

the 28th saw my proper party in the hallowed halls of Dorans.

The mafia strated things off with a rocking set

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then the highlight! For on night only the reunion tour of surface tension!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

with a joint performance of that clasic - SEX BUS!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
afterwars William walker did a DJ set
there was a great crowd even if half of them were gate crashers. Thanks to everyone that came

then the Aft erparty in The Macra hall then I drove people home and Big Al was twisted

me - "al! get in the car!

AL - "I am The car!"

then stuff about pulling in at narnia.
was very very funny

New years also rocked because those gods of rock theCunning stunts were playing

ok shorter than I would have liked but I guys have an Idea now


  2005.12.16  18.02
merry christmas all

and remember 28th of december


my party

have a good one!


  2005.12.05  11.36
oh well

I gaot the text that I've been waiting the past 2 weeks for.Mary broke up with me and I'm not as annoyedas I thought I would be. I guess I always knew that she would wise up and realise I'm a loser. (no I'm not on some Emo pity search, I've been a loser for a long time and I'm perfectly comfortable with that)


  2005.12.01  18.08

another no show from Mary. whats the dealio?

In other news i spent my lunch time handing out free condoms.
I never though I would get rid of a bin bag full of them!

Mood: disappointed

  2005.11.27  21.12

Have dorans booked for my 21st on the 28th of december
bring a friend, i want this party to be banging!
Featuring the musical might of Tuna Fish Mafia.
i want some serrious dancing people, If I had one birthday wish its that everybody breaks it down and their is an old school throwdown.

so once again 28th of december in Dorans

BE THERE!!!!!!!

Mood: excited

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